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Ca l'anglès




Ca L'Anglès is a brick house surrounded by a small garden.

The house is located in the Aiguaviva urbanization, in the township of Arenys de Munt; a village that is 30 minutes away from Barcelona and 45 from Girona.

Arenys de Munt is in the Maresme region, which extension goes from the end of the Barcelonian coast to the beginning of the Costa Brava.

The Maresme is a very well located area, where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, the hiking and the cultural visits.

The House is 5 minutes away from the Arenys de Munt and Caldetes beach, in this last village you can visit the Palau and Fabre Foundation, where you can find some of Picasso and Perejaume's art, amongst others. If you would like a taste of the some of Catalunya's top restaurants, they are very near: The famous Restaurant Hispània is only 2 km away.

There are walking routes in the Montnegre-corredor and at the Montseny parc.




  The convenience of being close to the city and enjoying the calm countryside.


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Ca l'Anglès
Carrer Ramon Llull, 1
Urbanització Aiguaviva
08358 Arenys de Munt
Tel. 937938397
Mòbil 678420779
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